Rabu, Januari 7

Its all about this morning..

There's no wedding cake for us..
No romantic poetry..
No flower beside my bed..
No canddle light dinner..
But so early in the morning hug..
The warmest one..

But, one thing i know for sure..
There's always your love that keeps me warm and safe..
In you i found much more than i ever hoped for..
Thank you my husband for loving me and sticking by my side..
And I am Thank God for giving this blessed in my life..
Happy 3rd anniversary mas..
psssst.. we have special gift from God.. the greatest gift ever!! just be patient ya mas...


Vera mengatakan...

Met ulang tahun perkawinan ya, Rie, moga langgeng mpe maut memisahkan. amin.

Pasti seneng deh bentar lg mo nambah anggota kluarganya yah. Moga lancar semuanya.

Arie Marzuli's mengatakan...

@mbak vera : makasih yaa mbak.. amiiiiin

Meika mengatakan...

I'm happy for both of you...
Semoga banyak anak dan rukun2 ya sayang, mwaaaaaaah!