Selasa, Maret 25

I want you

I want you
from now on till the rest of my life

till someday i know that we have our next life
and all i wanna see is your face

i wanna be with you just through and through
and i dont need anyone else
you did a lot of thing
and change me into the better me

i love you
when the night has come

all i wanna do
is starring at your face
dont want to fall asleep
i want you only you please stay around me
And if God ask who
just say my name
the one you want to be with forever
i love you
i want you!!!!!


meechaqyu mengatakan...

so sweet...hiks..!!
selama ini gw sering buat puisi for someone outthere..trus kapan yah ada yg buatin gw puisi juga hehehehe

riii buatin dong puisi apaan kek....ayo ayo ayo